Westside Student Ministry

WSM is for all Middle School and High School students. 

We continually create an environment at WSM where God becomes real in students' lives. We want church to be relevant to their life and the world in which they live.

Our hope is that every Middle School and High School student in Bradenton comes to know Jesus. Our mission is to lead those students into a life-giving relationship with Him.

WSM Wednesdays: Wednesday Night //   Doors Open at 6:30pm (officially) - Start at 7:00

  • This is our main weekly program for Middle School and High School students. We meet at the church (mostly) for an awesome night of fun, friends, and challenging teaching. You don't want to miss it! We do like to mix it up. Occasionally our groups meet for off-site nights, don't worry we communicate ahead of time. Don't want to miss out; follow social media and get on the e-mail list by clicking the link below to e-mail Tammy! 

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Ryan Boyce is our Student Intern for the 2018/19 school year.

See all of our upcoming activities on the Student Ministry Events page!

Get involved today!  Students would you like to serve in the Student Ministry?  Pick one of these teams and fill out the short form at the bottom today.

This team’s goal is to make every single student that walks-in feel welcome and feel like they are part of the group.  That means that they are greeting people with smiles, collecting information, sending postcards, and saying a nice good-bye and c’mon back to EVERYONE!

This team wants our meeting space to look awesome.  They come in at 6:30 to rearrange the space to look like WSM and when things are over they put it all back.

This team uses the unassuming miracle of fun to get people to build relationships and engage in programming.  They plan and execute the best games in the world – right here at WSM!

Need I say more?  This team doesn’t just bring a bag of chips, they bring a bag of chill.  Jesus spent a lot of time around people and there was food there many of those times.

The goal of this team is to lift up every single student, family, adult leader, and the whole ministry of WSM in prayer.  They come in at 6:30 to pray and keep that prayer going all week.

-Show Love
This team loves to serve Jesus by serving in the community and they can get everyone in WSM excited to serve too!  They pick out the service projects, communicate with the community leaders, coordinate and run these awesome opportunities.

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