Elders Update from 10/21/2018


It all started when…

We have two new groups of people meeting regularly here at Westside.  The first group is the Elders.  Most of us that are Elders have been serving for 4 months, outside of our senior Chairman Craig who has been an Elder for just under 2 years.  We have had many meetings over those few months and have done much to work on strengthening the foundation of this church.  We’ve gone through job descriptions, staff policy, defining the position of Elder as well as church leadership polity.  They also worked hard to form a “Financial Team” for the first time in, at least, 5.5 years, possibly much longer.  The finance team has been meeting for a few months and has brought much needed organization to our church’s finances, assets, and tracking the giving and spending.  They have currently presented a 2019 budget proposal to the Elders.  

The reason for this announcement this morning, is because they made a second proposal to the elders and that is to sell the current church office and move the offices to the “Moses house.”  There are many factors that have gone into this decision.  However, the key factor is that we don’t see owning the office as helping us to accomplish our mission which is “to lead people into a life-giving relationship with Jesus.”  We could use some of the money of the sale to accomplish some much needed maintenance issues in this main building as well as the parking lot.  We can also put this money in as a cash reserve which we have been operating without for at least 5.5 years.

The place where our office is was purchased in 1988 for $58K.  It has served it’s purpose well, but things change in 30 years.  It has turned out to be a great investment.  The offices will be moved to the Moses house, which is on the church campus as opposed to across the street which is very confusing for people.

We are working with a broker from our church and planning to sell it “as is.”  It has not been updated or maintained and will require some work.  Please email elders@westsidechristianchurch.com with any questions you may have.