Added 3/3/2016

Sermon Series - "King of Kings"
A study of the book of Malachi


Someone’s in charge.  It’s not you.  You already know that though, don’t you?  It’s not the universe.  It’s not public opinion, or the media, or some super-secret group of powerful people.  It’s God.  The immortal, invisible, and all-powerful Creator of all.  He’s the king.

This king is not a long ways away.  He is present here and now.  He loves you.  Why?  Well, that’s what He does.  His document for us, the Bible, bleeds with an embarrassment of just how much He loves you.  The Bible isn’t your source?  No worries.  He created everything around you.  The love and encouragement that you receive from your friends and/or family?  His idea.  The beauty in the waves, the mountains, and the setting sun?  All His work.  He didn’t just create it.  He makes it happen every time.  Every molecule in this world is guided by the direct work of His hands.  The joy you get from pouring your life into a cause?  Yep, He made that just for you.

God is the King and He’s in charge.  You aren’t.

Join us as we work through God’s words in the book of Malachi.  The book isn’t about Malachi.  Nobody knows who he was.  It’s the last book in the Old Testament and it contains the most direct words from God recorded in any of the other prophetical books.  God’s words in Malachi are old, but they have lost none of their cutting edge towards the heart of nominal, easy going, passionless, “going through the motions, lifeless religion.

It’s not about religion.  It’s about a relationship.  A relationship with the King.

Sermon 1 - Reverence to the King
Sermon 2 - Committed to the King
Sermon 3 - Giving to the King
Sermon 4 - Serving the King

Sermon Videos:
Sermon 1 Not recorded
Sermon 2 "Committed to the King"
Sermon 3 "Giving to the King"
Sermon 4 "Serving the King" or "How do I know if He really loves me?"