24K Mundane
September 3rd - 24th

It’s a play on that song from Bruno Mars.  We’d say that you can enjoy good times that God’s wealth enables you to have.

What a 24K mundane life?

I can think of one of the greatest examples of this in my life.  He was an older man living in an older house on the outskirts of a cemetery in the country outside of a small town in Iowa.  He wore old polo shirts tucked into his khakis.  He was impressive in size.  He had a pretty normal haircut.  Didn’t have much money.  Can’t remember what he drove.  Loved Jesus with all of His heart and give His life to Jesus.  Somehow, in his life, he was able to start a children’s home in Iowa that would change the lives of hundreds of children and build a hospital in Africa that would change an entire village.

Mundane - lacking interest or excitement; dull.

The 24K “purest kind of gold” life can look mundane to the untrained eye. 

God is holding the door to a greater life.  It’s up to you to open the door and lay your baggage outside.  Then you can enter.

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