Currently we have two Worship Services that meet on Sunday mornings.  We are proud to host a traditional service at 9am and a contemporary service at 10:45am.  We have children’s programming during both services.  All of that will change in just a couple of weeks...

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8:30am    Traditional Worship Service
9:45am    Contemporary Worship Service
11:00am    Contemporary Worship Service

•We will have full Kid’s programming (Birth - 5th grade) at both the 9:45am and 11:00am.
•We will still have coffee and donuts in between services in the fellowship hall. 

How can I help?

•Pray that these Worship Services will continue to fill up with people finding life through Jesus Christ!

•Attend One and Serve One.  Consider attending one Worship Service and volunteering your time by serving in another Worship Service.  You can stop by the table to sign-up to get more info from our Ministry Leaders.

•Invite your unchurched friends, family, and coworkers to a Worship Service.

All of our Worship Services have group singing, a sermon, weekly communion, offering time, and a few other elements that pop up on occasion.  The biggest (and only) difference in the services is that we use a piano and sing hymns at the 9:00am-traditional, and we have a full band and sing contemporary songs at the 10:45am-contemporary.

Our Worship Services are open to everyone.  We do our best to make you feel comfortable.  We are a very friendly church and truly love it when people join us, whether you are on vacation, moved to the area, or felt led to join us.  The Worship Services are a time for our church family to worship God corporately through song, teaching, fellowship, communion, giving, and serving.

If you are planning on attending, we encourage you to dress comfortably and be ready to laugh, have some fun, meet some great people, and above all else - to spend some time with God.