Here are some ministries, missionaries, and mission agencies that we support financially as a church family through a portion of our regular giving.

Cookson Hills
Cookson Hills provides Christ-centered residential care, education, and therapeutic services for at-risk children ages 5-17.  They are located on more than 1,000 acres in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains in rural northeastern Oklahoma.  Cookson Hills hosts a rustic and rewarding retreat for children requiring out-of-home care.  This ministry provides care for children in a family-modeled environment, individualized Christian education, vocational training, spiritual formation programs, and therapeutic services.  For more info watch this short video.

Johnson University - Florida
A 4-year undergraduate college that requires a Bible emphasis of all who earn a degree.  The purpose of this college is to conduct a course of study to educate men and women for Christian service, to provide a program of instruction on the college level, to grant appropriate degrees, and to serve as a resource for churches, especially in Florida.  

Florida Church Partners
The mission of Florida Church Partners is to start, serve, and strengthen churches in Florida.

Good Samaritan Academy
The Good Samaritan Academy teaches young children and adults.  Five days a week they offer Chrisitan Preschool with a focus on the whole child: body, mind, and spirit.  Adult education classes include: sewing, drivers training, computer classes, hair cutting classes, and how to be a good neighbor.

Lake Aurora Christian Assembly is a camp and retreat center dedicated to helping youth and families to develop core values based on christian principles.  At Lake Aurora people can experience God's creation in His sunrise over the lake, in a quiet walk through whispering trees, and in the grandeur of the star strewn sky. These are experiences that make memories, build friendships and change lives.  They offer year around activities and specialize in summer camps for youth and children.

Mark & Krista Haley - Missionaries in Ethiopia

Mark and Krista look forward to joining the church-planting team in Ethiopia with their base in Nekempte. Mark will empower and train leaders by developing culturally appropriate curriculum, discipling new leaders, and developing small groups among the Oromo and Gumuz peoples. Krista will homeschool their 3 sons – Caleb (2000), Jordan (2003), and Tyler (2005) – as well as use her nursing background by implementing CHE (Community Health Evangelism) in the villages and helping out with the down-country clinics.

Mike & Karen Osborn - Bible Translators in the Torres Straits

Mike and Karen Osborn are missionaries with Wycliffe Bible Translators. They are assigned to JAARS as Maritime Operations Managers and crew aboard the Coweambah. They serve as associates of the Australian Society for Indigenous Languages (AuSIL) as Scripture Engagement Facilitators to the Torres Straits.